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Online...   Chaos_Blade
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   3/27/2021 6:01 AM
posting in thread: (Finding Beginners Clan)
Want to join a clan that can help me understand more of the game. Im a noob and I want get out of that pipeline. Are there any teaching clans that are friendly to noobs available for recruitment?

I play at Gameranger because CnC Online does not work for me no matter the troubleshoot I have ever done. The reason posted the forum here it is because that as a teacher I know that watching Youtube videos will make a student harder time to improve than a person with assistance

I do not know if I am gonna be active here so do contact me on Discord — TwoFacePH#6772

Please I really wanna escape the noob pipeline and am finding a good teaching clan that is friendly to a noob like me. Thank you and I hope for a positive response from the Generals Zero Hour Community

Edit: If this can help my application, my skills is only as good as being proficient at knowing the functions of and buildings and units. In addition, I am from a country that has UTC +08:00 timezone

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League Admin
   4/4/2021 2:19 AM
posting in thread: (Finding Beginners Clan)
This forum is barely used.
Use the Clanwars Discord Server for this.
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