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Muslim   rank: #1
member #25,565
boss of   arabz|
fresh off of power win number 10 this month
   11/29/2012 12:20 PM
posting in thread: (No-Dodging rule)
Admins please look here
User Post Count: 1 Registered: Saturday, May 1, 2010 IP: NA
Admin - 4  
League Admin
   12/3/2012 9:28 AM
posting in thread: (No-Dodging rule)
Hi Muslim,
You can´t force anyone to play cw !!!
At some days ppl just want to spam some ffg´s or 2v2´s especially if they met some mates.
He clearly told you he stopped playing cw ! And the battlelogs showed that he really did stop cw for this month.
Pls stop posting useless issues to heat the community up !
The "Dodging-Rule" was made to force top players to play it out at end of month.
We will deal with certain issues during the month as well, but only if players spam cw all the time and it´s obviously that they dodge some special players while they spam.
I hope you got it now !
User Post Count:  Registered:  IP: NA
Admin - 4  
League Admin
   12/3/2012 11:53 AM
posting in thread: (No-Dodging rule)
I´ll lock this thread cause we won´t discuss or solve any further issue in public or at GR !
If you have problems send us a pm !
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Thread is Locked.

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