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   6/23/2009 6:57 PM
posting in thread: (Im eagerly looking to join a clan)
Hi Im kind of a noob but i usedto play RA2 back in the daze.
Ive never played in a clan before with any game but would like to join a clan for RA3. I dont mind joining a clan of advanced players or total beginners, as long as they won't get too frustrated by me as Im the kind of guy that gets beat pretty much all the time. 
Im working on my strategy a bit at the mo and reading articles to help me, but im hoping joining a clan and playing with people will help me improve. Im learning about build orders and micromanaging at the moment.
Anyone interested in having a noob join their clan? Or anyone looking to join a clan themselves?
Let me know please! Thanks 
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   6/25/2009 10:06 AM
posting in thread: (Im eagerly looking to join a clan)
To tell you the truth man...We have had noobs join and just loli off..But you sound like your willing to learn...I am willing to train you up a bit if it dont work then theirs your answer..NO CLAN..You will need to get xfire if you want me to help you...Also the best way to learn is just automatch to you get a good rank then think about a clan...Hope i help a bit dude
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