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member #5,528
   12/3/2009 9:27 AM
posting in thread: (Whiskey or TD?)
can we please finish round 2 at some point?
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GoTWhìsKe¥   rank: #3
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Fresh off of a pasting of #1 ranked clan: _DOC_
   12/3/2009 12:47 PM
posting in thread: (Whiskey or TD?)
Heat does have a point Jamie.... How many people have glitched their C4 in a clanwar this month?  Nobody, except you 3 times in a week.... also, weren't you the one to start using the repair/shoot-glitch in clanwars?  Just sayin'.
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Spoony   rank: #3
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fresh off of power win number 10 this month
   12/3/2009 12:58 PM
posting in thread: (Whiskey or TD?)
Replying to post #19   12/2/2009 6:10 PM

quoting: New2reN

whiskey won by a few points.. now spoony, to make it fair, i request a rematch for tomorrow
you gave him one chance where he won because i bluescreened, and another chance when he didn't play before deadline while he was there for at least an hour.

im sure i would not have been given those two chances if it were me, its only because hes whiskey

i'm not really seeing your point here? it's not really him who got the "second chance" of a rematch, it was technically you who got it.
normally bluescreening, dc'ing or whatever is generally your own problem. i sometimes may make an exception in extraordinary circumstances, such as say you were absolutely raping the enemy about to kill their last building with your base doing fine and then you dc - in that case i'd probably give you the win.
in this case it looks liks you would have won by a bare few seconds, but even that is not cast-iron certainty because of discrepancy in the log times. seems like rematching was the best plan.
if the rematch has happened without incident then case closed imho. as for extending the deadline, we've had the F2F and another dose o' ddos to deal with so we can make allowances there too.
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New2reN   rank: #3
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   12/3/2009 2:11 PM
posting in thread: (Whiskey or TD?)
i know in clanwars losses by glitches don't get rematch but i thought maybe in 1v1 that'd be different. either way im fine with it, gg's whiskey
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