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  [Reznov] gets pasted
Zero Hour (cw)
clan wars news service  Wednesday, October 13, 2021 4:13 PM EST
    warrior spotlight:     MeRRy
2 stars
 Currently on a 1 game win streak.
 -- clanwars news wire -- When everyone walked off of the field there wasn't much left to say other than a great fight took place today and two great clans duked it out over no map selected for what seemed like an eternity. "Some say the world will end in fire, others say ice - from the blood I tasted today I say bring it on, we'll see who is left standing when it's all said and done." said MeRRy who was clearly pumped up over his clan knocking off the #1 ranked warrior in the land, warrior [Reznov]. "They said we couldn't do it, but we proved them wrong".

With so much at stake it seemed like whoever was going to win was going to be the one willing to risk it all. "When it’s all said and done you will remember my name." said MeRRy who also seemed thrilled with the big win. "We picked up 160 big points today, each point gets us closer to our goal...the cup"

At the time this article went to press there were 18 days left in the tournament for the cup.

To view full match details go here 448552
Global League Announcements
by:  shortbus    3/4/2009
Please make sure you are checking the prize page monthly to see if you are eligible for a prize from CW.cc
If you are a league admin and need some extra games set aside for a special tournament or event you are planning shoot me an email.

Bracketed Tournaments online
by:  clan wars    10/8/2008
The bracketed tournaments are now back online.

Remember tournaments can run 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128 slots either 1v1 or clan-based.

Ask your admin to create a tournament and see who wins without any point chase to argue about.

The staff at clanwars sincerely hopes you enjoy the newly styled tournament system. Click the "tournaments" tab from your league menu to view any tournaments for your league.

Submitting Bugs
by:  clan wars    10/5/2008
Thank you all for being patient while we turn up the new site and squash all the bugs that made it past QA.

Since we went live a handful of annoying bugs have been fixed; some of the most prominent ones were the upload error bug when uploading match media; deleting PM bug; gamespy auto result bug, absolving clan bug and a few others all have been fixed.

As you find new bugs, small or large, please post them here


Thanks again for your support of clanwars.cc


Edited by clan wars on 10/5/2008 9:09 PM
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