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   5/17/2018 2:07 AM
posting in thread: (Halo Wars 2 Custom Contest!)
I've already announced it in the Gallery, but I'll re-announce it here!
I'm announcing a contest! A Halo Wars 2 contest, to be exact.
The best figures in each category will be featured.
I'll be making a couple figures for the contest.
You can have more then 1 entry.
Max is 3.
I'll be judging them on these 2 criteria:
1. Creativity
2. Artistry
The 3 Categorys:
1. Artistic
2. Canonicity
3. Functionality and Elaborateness
Again, you can recreate characters from the original Halo Wars if you want.
Sergeant Forge customs aren't allowed. But you can use armor parts from his figure! Restriction is ONLY his armor. No body parts.
For More Details:-
Thank you.
i love traveilling all over the world
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