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Lucien   rank: #1
member #22,073
-- not in a clan --  
fresh off of power win number 30 this month
   2/2/2010 6:23 AM
posting in thread: (gl n hf @ll this february!)
gl n hf all to spam games this month !
i hope u guys enjoy an active league and nice job from basel to change the rooster to 2 players and only 1 invite for each clan so the über player need to play each other so u will have alot ggs hehe
and mart when u read this plz die u ugly dutch girl !
User Post Count: 1 Registered: Sunday, July 22, 2007 IP: NA
ScotlanD   rank: #1
member #23,548
boss of   [iWuB]
Fresh off of a pasting of #1 ranked clan: -]GL[-
   2/25/2010 5:23 AM
posting in thread: (gl n hf @ll this february!)
User Post Count: 3 Registered: Tuesday, April 1, 2008 IP: NA

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