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_Money_   rank: #1
member #26,279
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Fresh off of a pasting of #1 ranked clan: limes|
   11/22/2012 8:45 PM
posting in thread: (CW admin 4 who're you and why delete my topic ?)
I asked you who you where, why you delete my previous post ? You are shady.
Please dont delete this topic.
Answer the questions that the community wants to know.
1. Who are you ?
2. are you diamond or domberman ?
3. are you power abusing ?  For example deleting my previous post about you.
Il make SS of the topic, so if you delete it again then atleast il have proof.
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Admin - 4  
League Admin
   11/23/2012 6:45 AM
posting in thread: (CW admin 4 who're you and why delete my topic ?)
Hi _Money_,
If you have some serious questions or issues you can feel free to post here or write me a pm if it´s about private things. I´ll be there for you to help you out.  If you just want to know who I am you shouldn´t pm me since I am just someone who is giving 100% at making a good cw admin job.
Otherwise I warn you to accuse some of the admins in public or to start poop for no reason. If you got some problems with one of the admins contact us via pm and we will deal with it.
Admin 4
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