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   1/6/2016 7:30 AM
posting in thread: (ClanWars Issue "a T3a Hack??")
A Shotgun Stories
I belive it's just a covered attack to threat me, rotwk and bfme2 got reset back to june clanwars, all player who registered between this month and today got removed (ok why not) but only me get his account removed/deleted while i registered the same month as [Ace]YoDa' in december 2014 played activly on it and did a cw game Yesterday with Findarato to try to bring up back some activity and then today at 18h00 of my time i checked it all was fine, then 2hours ago it goes totally claned up.
All to replace Clanwars by t3a quickmatch generator iv order to bring player ov this poop. this is my beliving i'm maybe wrong and if i am i will apologie sincerely but here come my argumentation...
Chapter I: Psychose Awakening
i don't feel it like it's a bug, it souvd more like a DDoS covered , for sure a hack, so strange your the first to answer to this polkie, like you would answer to questiov i ask here also.
For me the people involved are obviously those that i mention on my discussion with Echtelion, Specially when one day ago i joke on the servor speaking to one of the staff member to give up is "croisade" to stole GameRanger player to T3AOnline, saying that he should come here with the real community and divide us by playing selfish alone by himslef on a serve who litterally represent less than 1% of bfme2 community.
To be Honest guys i'm really tired of those no-skill player trying hard to mess arouvd with gr representant over there this is begining to pissing me off for real.
Chapter II: The Fifth Estate
This is not the first time a hack happen as a so called dude "nachoinhargue" logged several time on t3a servor comming on it to insult people as ME and saying at the end it got hacked...., i belive it's a total bulpoop that he did it freely with t3a staff approval, if it's true and he got hacked well this mean that T3A is safe for no one and this is to much of a coincidance that i'm the one who get usurped on it.(of course saying that i checked to find my topique and i'm glad to see t3a staff erased it from revora...) but there is some screenshot, as i posted on the facebook group you all know i'm Drain^my_blood
They say the investigate, it's pretty obvious the dude do all he want on t3a and play as much as he wish with t3a staff for sure.
Chapter III: Do Androids Dream of Electric "Ash Hollywood" Sheep?
Then come the Gamereplay mess as many of you know, and some High Gamereplay Admin know i wanted to update the recon card there on GR so i made Drain account there to test it on the Advice of a Gamereplays Admin. 3days later i got the visit of a unknow guys form the administration staff who decide to delete my pics and litterally insult me when i explain him why i did that. as you all know the storry on Facebook as i posted all the conversation thread there, After my picture got deleted, recon clan got deleted, sayivg that it's a unactive clan with inactive player. Yes they are speaking About Halet, Star, Celeste, Radagast, Soske, TrimA, Myslef .... . Strange things is that the only person who know about the picture issue is Myself, Djw2104 and of course Locutus(aka MathjisRevora Big Friend)
but then why i got also my pics of my revora profile removed/deleted 2days after, while we are only 3 peoples to know about this ??? seriously... t3a ( http://forums.revora.net/user/74048-xelenos/ i was banned of it before the pic mess, so i didn't removed it myself for those who think of stupid eventuallity).
But the best things "WTF" scene it's you polkie like a coïncidance you come here while you dov't post alot and you answer to my post while we both know we hate each other ???? comon, cause yes guys while i was a good T3A boys and helped their community on revora forum i used to solve people problem and connection issue i bringed by myself around 70 people on their poop lying to them cause i belived myself to this lie( LIKE WE WILL GET STAT & LADDER "common did WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ? do you remember guys when they say the same since 2014 ? when they post on the servor and make a big announce like it will be in early 2015 are we in 2016 guys ???? Are We ?lolilol #T3ALieStaff "when everything can go wrong, well it can goes wrost" #T3ASlogan)
Chapter IV: The Human Stain
Cause yeah here is the reason of all this mess with polkie and Mathjis revora who is also an admin of t3a and removed polkie insult just to make me appear like i'm the only one doing it but dummy didv't tought that Evil|Xelenos is a screenshooter
Hold on your d**k guys this will be epic:
What kind of admin also close a topique "insubordination" Seriously i try to bring more people in clanwars and Mathjis close it for no reason come on: http://forums.revora.net/topic/99539-how-t...lanwars-league/
They know i care about clanwars so there is the "mobile du crime"
Yes Guys T3A/Revora leadder guys.... Aka Mathjis"TheDudeWhoDon'tPlayTheGameButOpenIt AndSayTheOppositeOfProPlayerWhenTheyTalkToBalance"Revora http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index...70055&st=40 you will know the dude...
All this to say why we keep promoting there on our land in order to make them stronger each time a player join them on the server ?? if we don't do for this at least let's do it for yourself guys do it for make sure that player stay on Gamranger and play with us.
Until someone prove it's a bug or whatever wich doesn't concern t3a staff i will fully belive this come from them the t3a community not specially the staff but we know with what we've seen guys...
I wish registerd player between june and today could get back their account and stat not speakivg only for myself, it's just i'm the only player who was resgistered 6 month before june and played actively who got is account removed, as i said before the better way to target someone it's to mask it.
there is too muchmess with t3a avd not only with myself as we know here and also on facebook group several of their staff mumber got banned of bfme2 community.
i belive Gamereplays deserve more than that

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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   5/10/2017 12:14 AM
posting in thread: (ClanWars Issue "a T3a Hack??")
You are insane.
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