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Online...   crushu06
League Admin
   11/19/2009 2:51 AM
posting in thread: (Rules and guidelines about reporting games)
- Report clan matches within 1 hour of the series being finished.
- Check the battle logs before playing to see how many more games you are from the daily limit of 9.
- If a series spills over the limit, then the earliest nine should be reported, and the remaining nine should be reported the next day. Post a reminder to your opponent in the public forum about which maps are still unreported.
- Make sure to report the correct warriors. Starting now I'm going to add a -100 point penalty to games where the wrong warriors were reported. (However, the penalty will only apply if it's the enemy clan who files the AM - if you realise your mistake and AM it yourself, you won't be penalised)
- Aim to report the right map; it can be helpful if there are disputes over how many games are played
- If you lose a game and you think it shouldn't count (for example, if your opponent broke a rule), then report the loss and file an AM.

- Be sure to file an AR no earlier than one hour after the end of the series.
- In the AR comments, mention which server the game took place in so I can check the logs more quickly.
- If you played several games recently with the same clan and warriors, and some of them were reported, you may need to provide screenshots of the other games too.
- Again, mention which server the games took place in in the comments.
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