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Online...   crushu06
League Admin
   1/10/2012 11:20 AM
posting in thread: (Rules and game settings)
- 30 minute time limit
- Pedestal beacons off
- No weapon spawn/drop
- 0 start credits
- 2.5 credits per second
- Green-health vehicle point bug removed
- Infinite ammo for infantry weapons (besides c4 and beacons)
Backwalking the obelisk
Base to Base (see below for Islands-specific rules)
Buddyhopping onto building roofs
The vehicle damage-increase glitch
Blocking your own harvester in any way
Jamming your enemy's harvester in a structure door
Teamshooting your assets (buildings or harvester)
Damaging yourself/your vehicles so you/a teammate can repair you for points/credits
"Flaming" vehicles or infantry using timed c4 (although you can wire up your own harvester)
Glitching C4s on an MCT
Orca/Apache "jump-glitch" (i.e. getting into the ceiling of the Weapons Factory, the City Flying bridge etc)
The no-fall-damage exploit
The Weapons Factory undisarmable nuke glitch
Vehicles inside buildings
Non-flying vehicles on building roofs
Field: One-man refhop
Field: Tunnel beacons to damage the Refinery
Field: Lightpost walk
Islands: MRLS/Infantry hitting the Nod base from inside the GDI base
Islands: Infantry hitting the enemy base from the barricades or the holes in the rocks
Mesa: Vehicles in the side path between the two refineries
Walls/Walls Flying: Non-flying vehicles on the mesa top or the base walls
Suicide rushing the Obelisk (i.e. several players rushing the Nod base in the expectation that some will be killed)
Harv walking
Blocking the enemy harvester by jamming a vehicle in the refinery bay
Hindering the enemy harvester by impeding it with your vehicle
Buddyhopping over walls (e.g. refhop on Field, or the base walls on Hourglass)
Flaming vehicles/infantry using remote c4 or proximity c4
Field: Two-man refhop
Islands: MRLS/infantry hitting the Hand of Nod from across the first fjord outside the GDI base
Canyon: Beacons underneath the Airstrip
Canyon: Beacons on the Barracks roof
Under: The "back door" into the Nod base, so long as you don't backwalk

Any infantry skin
Any c4 skin
Any beacon skin
Any bullet skin
Skins which extend past the model (for example, laser pistols)
Altered sniper scope effect
Altered stealth effect
HUDs that display any information that is normally unseen (such as building bars or c4 count)
See-through doors
Sounds that replace any vehicle engine, footsteps, or beacon beep

Vehicle skin
HUDs (so long as they do not display any normally unseen information)
Building/PT skins (other than see-through doors)
General map skins
Reticles (so long as they do nothing more than alter the basic reticle shape)
You are not obliged to wait if one of your opponents' disconnect from the game, however it considered good sportsmanship if you ask an equal number of your own team to wait.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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