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   1/10/2012 11:30 AM
posting in thread: (New server features)
Many players experience slower loads while running 4.0, and this needed addressing in competitive matches. There is a function in the CWservers that puts gameplay on hold until all players indicate that they are loaded and ready. Once all players type '!ready' in F2 chat, the game will 'reset' and gameplay then begins. 'Reset' means everyone spawns afresh with 0 credits, and the harvesters will be newly deployed.
There's a maximum of two minutes wait for the reset if some players don't type the !ready command.

So here's how to start a clanmatch, in such a way that means neither clan chooses side. Get everyone in the server and onto separate teams - the first map is a non-playable buffer map. Skip the map using !poll gameover, or simply have one team basekill the other. When the next map loads, use the !ready command to kick things off for real.
If both clans consent, you can decide which clan gets GDI and Nod; however, the approved method is for sides to be random.
I've been advocating this for some time, and it has proven successful where it has been tested. The results of this change have been entirely positive, and I've never heard a good reason why infantry should run out of ammo in multiplayer, nor has anyone managed to point to a downside of this change.
It affects all infantry weapons except the various c4 types and beacons.

I've taken it upon myself to tweak the costs of most of the infantry. I feel most of them ought to be cheaper than they are. As follows:
GDI/Nod Officer: 50
Tib Sydney: 50
Rocket Officer: 150
Patch: 200
Laser Chaingunner: 250
Deadeye/Black Hand Sniper: 400
Mobius/Mendoza: 600
PIC Sydney/Raveshaw: 800
Havoc/Sakura: 800
Usual prices for Chem Warrior, Gunner, Stealth Black Hand and Hotwire/Technician.

The stock maps have more crate spawns than you might be used to, but some of them were not properly implemented, it seems. 4.0 fixes this and implements the originally designed spawn locations. For example, on City Flying the crate is sometimes in the middle of the map, which is a nice change; it means there's more likely to be a fight over it, as well as something of an edge for GDI.

This was supposed to be the case anyway, but it doesn't happen properly. 4.0 fixes that. You alternate between 2 credits one second, then 3, then 2, then 3. If you miss the stupidly inflated extra credits you used to get thanks to the ridiculous point bug, see how you like this instead.

If you played Mesa2 then you already know what I'm talking about.
There are a few problems with the old version of Mesa - damage from certain spots and angles was not dealt properly. Tanks on the bridge had difficulty hitting buildings, did only partial damage to tanks on the ground, and couldn't splash infantry. Tank shells from the side path behaved oddly against the Nod refinery, turret and airstrip. Grenadiers had difficulty hitting the Airstrip from the infantry area. Etc.
All of these problems have now been fixed. So, for example, tanks on the bridge do their normal damage to targets on the ground. This makes the bridge much more important, and opens up a new dimension to the map's general strategy.

When snipers scope and strafe at the same time, they don't flicker like they used to. They'll just walk slowly. Get used to that on flying maps... it seems like it will make the sniper fight a more skilful affair. 
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