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Renegade X
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Welcome to the Renegade X league.
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League Settings
League is: Open for new signups
Game platform: PC
League created: 2/20/2014
League Hits: 5,254
Active Clans: 1
Active Warriors: 3
IP violations are: ON  
Max match size:   32 v 32    
Roster limit: 32
Max Invites: 8  
Accepted invites allowed per month: 32  
Clan Factions are: ON
Warrior Factions are: ON
League resets at: 50 matches played/month
More Settings
League point system: cw
AR penalty: 100 points
Clan vs clan daily match limit: 7
Flood control: 1 minutes
Inactivity level: 200 days
Clan wins/override inactivity: 50 wins
Warrior wins/override inactivity: 50 wins
Clan power win range: 10
Warrior power win range: 25
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League Overview
Welcome to the new league...

League Rules
Rule # 1 Your clan can consist of just one member (you) or up to the maximum amount allowed, which is five.A clan is permitted one botname, though it may not be used in 1v1s. You may not bot against a clan for which you have played as a warrior in any one month.
Rule # 2 Your clan may play as many games per day as they desire. However, you may only play any other given clan seven games per day.
Rule # 3 To qualify as a Clan Wars League match, all players must be registered in their respective clans, and playing on names which match - or are similar to - their Warrior Account names. If players are not using the correct names, it is not an official Clan Wars match. All players must be on the roster at the time of the games. If a warrior is added on the roster after the games took place an AR cannot be filed.
Rule # 4 You may only have one active warrior account in the league at a time, and therefore may be a member of only one clan at any given time.
Rule # 5 If your opponent does not report their loss within one hour of you defeating them, you may file an AR (Auto Report). The one hour countdown starts after the series of games is completed. Screenshot(s) used for an AR must display all participating warriors. (Press TAB in the game to toggle this). All warriors must be playing on a name identical or similar to their Warrior Account here at clanwars.cc, or else you cannot AR the game.
The AR penalty is 1000 Clan and Warrior points per AR filed against you.
The limit of ARs your clan can receive in one month is 9.
The losing clan will have 1 hour to report their losses. Failure to do so will enable the winning clan to file an AR.
This is important: After the winning clan files the AR, the losing clan CAN NOT report the loss or it will be voided then the AR will be filed anyways.

What happens if I or my clan reaches the 9 AR limit?

The clan AND the clan boss will be suspended for the remainder of the month. This can disqualify the clan and its members from winning any cups.

What about those of us that are in the clan that is suspended, but not the boss?
-You are free to join another clan at your discretion.

What happens if my clan is suspended in the last week (7 days) of the current tournament?
-Your clan and boss are suspended for the remainder of the current tournament AND the two weeks into next month's tournament.

All of this considered, be careful who you have playing clan games for your clan. If they do not like to report, it could land you and your clan a lengthy suspension.
To file an Auto Report, log in to the league and click "File AR", and include relevant evidence such as screenshot(s) and server logs. Server logs alone will not be accepted except under certain circumstances.
Rule # 6 To attempt to have the result of a match changed - for example, if a clan defeated you by breaking rules - click "File AM", state the game number, and include relevant evidence. The offending clan could be subject to a -1000 penalty depending on the situation.
Rule # 7 If you switch clans you must make your old and new BOSSES aware of the situation. Your new clan can not play your old clan for the entire length of the tournament. Doing so will risk violations and all clans involved will be subject to punishment.
Rule # 8 Clan matches must be reported within one hour of the completion of the match.
Rule # 9 You are required to save screenshots of all your Clan Wars match wins for the current month. If disputes occur or if you are accused/suspected of pointpushing, you may need to present these screenshots to avoid games being removed or to clear your name. It is ideal if you take a screenshot right before the game ends so it is possible to see the map played, but endgame screenshots are still acceptable. Please note that screenshots will need to display all participating warriors - press TAB in-game to ensure this. It is also advisable to take screenshots at pivotal moments during a game, such as destroying an enemy structure.
Rule # 10 It is not permitted to close your clan while leaving losses unreported - doing so will result in suspensions.
Rule # 11 Reporting the incorrect warriors in a match can result in an additional penalty for the warrior who originally reported the game incorrectly. If, however, the clan who reported the loss is the clan who files the alter match after noticing the mistake, the penalty will not be applied.

League FAQ
Question: How Do I invite people to join my clan and how do I know if they have accepted or declined?

Answer: Only clan bosses can invite other league members to join a clan. In the "CLAN ROSTER" Menu option in "Clan Headquarters" you will find the option to invite people to join your ranks. An invite will ultimately either be accepted, declined or ignored. The invited player will receive a message in his inbox that he/she has been invited to join your clan. If the invitation is accepted or declined a notice is posted on your clan event calendar and the boss who posted the invitation will receive a private message in his/her inbox telling him the invitation was accepted or declined along with a reason - if the invitee responds with one. If the invitation is ignored it will stay posted in "clan roster" with a length of time in days that it has been ignored. YOu can choose to withdrawl the invitation at any time or leave it offered as long as your choose.
Question: Does my account or clan ever get removed?

Answer: After X amount of days of inactivity your account or your clan will get removed. Check support for current league settings (days inactivity until deletion, roster size limits, max invites permitted, max games per day vs a clan, etc...). If the clan you are in gets removed but your account satisfies inactivity levels your account will stay intact, your clan status will move to "Independent". If you or your clan have won a championship then you will never be removed. Sometimes other criteria will assume you or your clan immortality, typically a certain amount of wins or game played, check with the league admin for that info.
Question: are tags like this &ltbr&gt permitted in my clan name and or tag?

Answer: No, certain non friendly HTML symbols are not permitted to be entered in certain displayed areas.
Question: How to I get an answer to a question that is not listed here?

Answer: If it is a league specific question, please up to the top of this page and email the league admin.  His or her email link will appear at the top.

If this is a global issue, meaning you have a question regarding the clanwars gaming network in general please visit the global support page which you will find linked from the main portal page.

Point System Explanation
Clanwars pt. system
The cw point system was implemented in 2001 and has been altered several times over it's life time to accomodate requests from the community at large.
The point system was based on the philosophy of providing tight competition and giving most participants some chance of competing at a high level. This idea keeps more players and clans interested and in the end that keeps the league strong and the community active.
The basic philoshopy is that higher ranked clans and members will receive less points for beating opponents lower ranked than them and lower ranked players will receive much more for beating higher or similar ranked opponents. Lower ranked clans and warriors will almost never lose points for a loss and higher ranked clans and warriors will only lose a nominal amount, this helps to prevent dodging. The reward for playing a match is almost always greater than the risk, in return more Matches should be played.
At the core of this pt. system is a Power Win Rank Range for both clans and warriors. This range is adjustable through the league control panel (in the 'League Options' menu).The range is a number, say 10, all clans or warriors whose current rank is this number or better, in this case 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or 10. Will be categorized as a power player. Wins against power players are worth more, and conversely the only time a point loss is applied is when a Power player losses a match.
This works well, because typically the best players/clans always stay in this range and they lose far less often so the penalties are rarely a factor, but at the same time beating them can be worth a very large amount of points.
Under the cw pt. system, points are skewed high the nearer the end of the tournament. Spamming games can keep you in the hunt, but in the end it will always come down to who plays the best as the clock approaches midnight on a tournament.
The clan point system is based on 5 factors when points are calculated. While the clan point system is actually based off of the elo system (Please see the elo system for more information)
The clan system uses these factors when calculating points.
1. Base score - based on how big the game is (1v1, 2v2 or higher)
2. Game Size Bonus - based on the game sizae and the losing clans monthly point total
3. Power Win Bonus - win vs a clan in the power win range
4. Handicap - applied to devalue points received when a clan in the Power WIn range wins
5. Losing Clans Win Percentage (as a whole number, i.e. 80)
------The Base Score------
1v1 - 10pts
2v2 - 20pts
3v3 - 25 pts
4v4 - 30 pts
5v5 - 35 pts
6v6 - 40 pts
7v7 - 45 pts
8v8 or higher - 50 pts
-----The game Size Bonus-----
1v1 - 1% of losing clans monthly points
2v2 - 2% of losing clans monthly points
8v8 or higher - 8% of losing clans monthly points
-----Power Win Bonus (the multiplier)----- applies a multiplier of as high as 3 times the normal points for beating the #1 ranked clan and scales back toward 1 throughout the power win range.
For example the mulitplier for a power win range of 10 would be
Beat # 1 clan multiplier = 3
Beat # 2 clan multiplier = 2.8
Beat # 3 clan Multiplier = 2.6
Beat #10 clan multiplier is 1.2
Is equally distributed over the power win range starting at 1.0 for the lowest end (in the example above Rank #10) and decreasing toward 0.25 (for Rank #1)
This is applied only when a clan in the power win range wins.
example with a Power Win Range of 10
Clan #1 wins - handicap = .25
Clan #2 wins - handicap = .325
Clan #3 wins - handicap = .4
Clan #10 wins - handicap = 1.0
ELSE Handicap = 1.25 (applies to any clan outside of the power win range)
Clan Pts. Gained = ((Losing Clan win % + Game Size Bonus + Base Score) * Handicap) * multiplier)
Clans only lose points if in the power win range and that point loss is based on whether they lost to a lower ranked clan or a higher ranked clan
If they lose to a lower ranked clan, example - Clan #1 losses to clan #10 then the losing clan loses 5% of what the winning clan gained before the multiplier was applied.
So if a clan wins 500 pts, but the multiplier was 2 - then the losing clan would lose 5% of 250. 250 are the points gained before the multiplier was applied. The point loss would be 13 pts.
If the losing clan was ranked lower, example: clan #10 loses to clan #1 then a calculation is performed based on their proximity to each other in rank to derived the amount of points lost.
It scales from 1/2 of 1% up to 5 percentage of the points the winning clan gained, as the ranks get closer together - remember this only applies to the power win ranged clans, so clans outside of the power win range lose nothing.
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