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MMC.PrOgAmEr   rank: #2
member #998
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...bow to your #1 ranked warrior
   12/2/2008 11:13 AM
posting in thread: (Please read this topic Admins!!!)
I have 11 disputes now.... but i only do 1 dispute all over the time?
So why i have 11 on my Account?
Please delect them.
User Post Count: 16 Registered: Monday, November 10, 2008 IP: NA
PoW|Netput   rank: #2
member #377
member of   PoW|
currently sits 1365 points out of the lead
   12/3/2008 11:43 AM
posting in thread: (Please read this topic Admins!!!)
cuz you played 11 games against the clan that made you violate?
User Post Count: 6 Registered: Friday, October 31, 2008 IP: NA
RA3 Admin  
League Admin
   12/3/2008 7:17 PM
posting in thread: (Please read this topic Admins!!!)
Disputes are violations or auto reports.
In your case they are violations, you can go and search for the games if you like.

No we won't remove them.
RA3 Admin

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