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Online...   iSpade v2
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   4/3/2009 12:38 AM
posting in thread: (Looking for clan)
Hello i'm djowns and i am looking for a clan
Rank:669(currently, will go up, trust me:D)
prefered leader: Forge
leader w/l breakdown:
Cpt. Cutter: 0/1 (i accidently forgot to change leader lol)
Seargent Forge: 8/0
Prof. Anders:0/1 (wanted to try her out lol)
Brute Chieftain: 0/0
Arbiter: 1/4 (used to be a huge arbiter fanatic
Prophet of Regret:  0/0
Playlist w/l:
1v1:  1/4 (all arbiter lol)
2v2 no team entry: 8/2 (my cpt. Cutter and Ander's losses)
Preferred playlist:
Games Played daily:
Please choose me for your clan(please don't be a bad clan)
Any other questions? post them and i will answer all of them ASAP

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member #12,097
   4/3/2009 12:44 PM
posting in thread: (Looking for clan)
Please feel free to join CoHW (covenant of Halo Wars) We are just getting started on this site so our stats are not good but we have 30+ members most of whom are active daily. You may visit OUR SITE feel free to talk on our forums and add players to you friends list as we are almost always in a party. Thank you for concidering us and we hope to see more of you.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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