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Clan Team E created by oOo Oopth oOo
Clan WRU created by oOo Oopth oOo
Clan MLK created by FatalRemedy
Clan nLp created by nLp
Clan -D- created by sadok

  Most Recently Absolved Clans!
Team E Removed due to inactivity.
WRU absolved by oOo Oopth oOo
MLK Removed due to inactivity.
nLp Removed due to inactivity.
-D- Removed due to inactivity.
(0 - 0) ... 0 pts.
2. MTx 0 pts.
3. [SOM] 0 pts.
(0 - 0) ... 0 pts.
2. OutdoorKibbles8 0 pts.
3. ZZZZniiiiiiight 0 pts.
4. Po de bol 0 pts.
5. sikhwitit 0 0 pts.
7. oOo Oopth oOo 0 pts.
8. metaloidmonkey 0 pts.
9. sayhitobooyah 0 pts.
10. MR ABITER FUN 1 0 pts.

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Clan Wars   3/25/2009

Welcome to the new league!

Please check back later for more updates...
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