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Red Alert 3
League Info
Welcome to the Red Alert 3 league.
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League Settings
League is: Open for new signups
Game platform: PC
League created: 7/29/2008
League Hits: 67,373
Active Clans: 48
Active Warriors: 164
IP violations are: OFF  
Max match size:   3 v 3    
Roster limit: 8
Max Invites: 8  
Accepted invites allowed per month: 14  
Clan Factions are: OFF
Warrior Factions are: ON
League resets at: 100 matches played/month
More Settings
League point system: elo
AR penalty: 4% of points
Clan vs clan daily match limit: 15
Flood control: 4 minutes
Inactivity level: 50 days
Clan wins/override inactivity: 100 wins
Warrior wins/override inactivity: 50 wins
Clan power win range: 10
Warrior power win range: 25
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League Overview
Welcome to the Red Alert 3 Beta League. This is the official clanwars league for the Red Alert 3 Beta! Please practice good sportsmanship and have fun!

League Rules
Rule # 1 Your clan can consist of just one member (you) or up to the maximum amount allowed, which is scalable. The max roster size is listed above.
Rule # 2 Your clan may play as many games per day as they desire. If enabled for this league; the IP tracker will check for matches which cause an IP conflict. If a conflict is found the match is removed automatically and a point penalty is applied to the clan (see above for current penalty). You can only register a certain number of matches per day versus the same opponent (see above for that setting) and any one warrior can not report consecutive matches without atleast X amount minutes having elapsed since the first report.  The value for X is listed above as well.
Rule # 3 Any game can be a CW match from One on One to Three on One matches. The oddly manned matches are to handicap better clans and entice lesser skilled clans to play. (Each league has a hardcoded limit to the amount of warriors that can play in a match, please check the settings above)
Rule # 4 Account passwords are hashed and can not be seen by anyone - including the owners of clanwars.  If you forget your password it can be changed and emailed to you, please contact a global admin for help with this process.
Rule # 5 Memebrs of the league can be removed after a certain amount of days of inactivity.  Please see the settings listed above for more information of automatic removal from the league.
Rule # 6 All CLAN WARS and league admin decisions are final, please don't ask for any decision to be over ruled.
Rule # 7 You may be a member of different clans, but those clans may never play each other during the length of an existing tournament.
Rule # 8 Clan matches must be reported within one hour of the completion of the match.
Rule # 9 All clan members competing in a CW match must wear their TAGs in front of their name while in the lobby and in the game.
Rule # 10 If you switch clans you must make your old and new BOSSES aware of the situation. Your new clan can not play your old clan for the entire length of the tournament. Doing so will result in a violation and all clans involved will be subject to punishment.
Rule # 11 If your league allows you to save replays of games, save all replays. Whatever proof is normally used when filing AR's should be saved for all games incase the admin requests it.
Rule # 12 Each league admin sets a limit to how many new warriors can join a specific clan in each tournament, please check above for this limit and read the thought bubble beside for more information
Rule # 13 After a game is played, if your opponent fails to report the match, you must wait a certain amount of time before an Auto-report request can be filed. Normally this is 1 hour but please check with your league admin if this isn't explicitly defined here. To file an AR use the AR forum accessible via your portal page.Please be sure to provide proper evidence any AR's without evidence will be ignored.
Rule # 14 If you want to change the results of a match that is already in our battle logs (which includes removing it) file an Alter-match request (AM) on the Alter-match forum, accessible via your portal page. Please be sure to give the proper evidence when filing AMs.
Rule # 15 If you are wearing your clan tag in a game, it counts as a league match. This means that if you use an auto-match or quick match feature and you get matched against another player and you are both wearing league tags, the game counts as a league match. Players may decide between themselves not to count the match, however, if an AR is filed by one of the players the admin will have no choice but to count the game.
Rule # 16 Any match ending under 30 seconds with no interaction between the players is not considered a valid Clanwars Match. Interactions are defined as follows:
  1. Any engagement of units
  2. Scouting your opponent's base/faction/build order
  3. Using any protocols/powers (not selecting them, but using them)

Rule # 17
In the event that a player abuses the  "crane bug" for soviets in a CW match, the offending player must report the match as a loss. For clarification, the "crane bug" is the bug that allows soviet players to build structures without paying full price by going into low power and finishing construction using the crane.

These are the guidelines for if we consider a player to be abusing ir not:

  1. If you are building something with your crane and you either packup your MCV or sell a power plant, forcing you into low power, you must pause whatever is under construction from your crane within 5 seconds. This is considered self-inflicted low power and it is your responsibility not to intentionally do this. If you fail to pause the structure being built by the crane within 5 seconds, you may cancel the structure being constructed by the crane and will not be considered guilty of abuse. It will refund you a partial amount based on how much you actually paid, thus you are not getting any unfair advantage.
  2. If you are building something with your crane and the enemy destroys a power plant or MCV, pushing you into low power, you should still pause what is in the crane queue, however failure to do so will not be punishable at this time.
If you are beaten by an opponent that abused this bug (according to the above definition of abusing it), you do not have to report the loss. If they file an AR against you, you can reply to the AR thread with what happened. If the AR is processed before you get a chance to do this, file an alter-match request in the AM forum and explain what happened.
The punishment for abusing this bug is a minimum deduction of 1% of your total warrior and clan points. We reserve the right to punish a bit more harshly (up to a maximum of 5%, for now) for repeat offenders.
Any games played prior to the posting of this ruling are legitimate (11/28/2008). We simply can't afford to go back and review and remove every claim of a abuse prior to this date.

Rule # 18
In the event of a player disconnecting (such as computer crashing or internet dropping out) the disconnecting player must report the loss. Failure to do so, and the non-disconnecting player make file an auto-report.
In the very very rare case that a player D/C's and the game was very close to over (for example, killing the last two structures of the enemy player) the match may be declared in favor of the player who was clearly winning. It is very rare we'll make this decision, and the advantage has to be undeniably clear.
Rule # 19
As additional incentive to avoid failure to report losses, there are some new penalties in place for those who choose not to report their losses.
Each time an AR is filed against you, it shows up on your clan and warriors stats as a dispute. 
If a player receives 5 disputes in one month, their points will be reset.
 If a clan receives a total of 15 disputes in one month, their points will also be reset.
If a player or warrior has so many disputes that their points get reset multiple times, admins reserve the right to invoker harsher punishments (including possible suspension from the league for the month in the form of a temporary IP ban).
 To avoid any kind of punishment, please report your losses. If you have a disagreement and you feel you shouldn't have to report a loss for any reason, we recommend you report the loss first then file an AM explaining the situation if you want an admin to remove the match. Note that we will not remove matches where you D/C'd - refer to rule #18 for more information on disconnecting during CW matches. The bottom line is: When in doubt, report the loss. 

League FAQ
Question: How Do I invite people to join my clan and how do I know if they have accepted or declined?

Answer: Only clan bosses can invite other league members to join a clan. In the "CLAN ROSTER" Menu option in "Clan Headquarters" you will find the option to invite people to join your ranks. An invite will ultimately either be accepted, declined or ignored. The invited player will receive a message in his inbox that he/she has been invited to join your clan. If the invitation is accepted or declined a notice is posted on your clan event calendar and the boss who posted the invitation will receive a private message in his/her inbox telling him the invitation was accepted or declined along with a reason - if the invitee responds with one. If the invitation is ignored it will stay posted in "clan roster" with a length of time in days that it has been ignored. YOu can choose to withdrawl the invitation at any time or leave it offered as long as your choose.
Question: Does my account or clan ever get removed?

Answer: After X amount of days of inactivity your account or your clan will get removed. Check support for current league settings (days inactivity until deletion, roster size limits, max invites permitted, max games per day vs a clan, etc...). If the clan you are in gets removed but your account satisfies inactivity levels your account will stay intact, your clan status will move to "Independent". If you or your clan have won a championship then you will never be removed. Sometimes other criteria will assume you or your clan immortality, typically a certain amount of wins or game played, check with the league admin for that info.
Question: are tags like this &ltbr&gt permitted in my clan name and or tag?

Answer: No, certain non friendly HTML symbols are not permitted to be entered in certain displayed areas.
Question: How to I get an answer to a question that is not listed here?

Answer: If it is a league specific question, please up to the top of this page and email the league admin.  His or her email link will appear at the top.

If this is a global issue, meaning you have a question regarding the clanwars gaming network in general please visit the global support page which you will find linked from the main portal page.

Point System Explanation
ELO pt. system (modified)
The ELO pt. system that is used here, is based on the original ELO pt. system (Link here) but is somewhat modified in how point losses are handled and it is scaled in other ways as well, explained below.
In this system points for a victory are limited to a set value (called the K - value). For example K might be 100 for a 1v1 match or 150 for a 2v2 match, etc... That number is set in the control panel ('League Settings -> League Options') and scales accordingly based on match size, by 33% for each significant jump in a match size.
100% of the K value is only awarded for matches where the opponents are very far away in rank and the underdog wins. For example, if there are 100 clans in the league and #1 plays #100, the full K value will be awarded if the #100 ranked clan wins. If #1 wins only a very small percentage of K is available. If clans are very close in rank, for instance #1 plays #2, roughly 50% of K is avaliable. As ranks separate and the expected, higher ranked clan wins, the K value shrinks further away from it stated value, and conversely as the underdog or lower ranked clan wins K grows close to it's full value. The variable that describes this is referred to as E. When clan #100 beats #1, E might be .99 and vice versa E might be .01
This system is in place for both warriors and clans. K never reaches 100% until the tournament draws to a close. It starts out automatically devalued at the beginning of each tournament and grows closer to 100% as the tournament continues. To re-iterate with an example, K might be set to 100 pts in the control panel. And 100% of K may be awarded when a very low ranked clan beats a high ranked clan, but even while K = 100 in this instance, at the beginning of each tournament it is devalued automatically back to 1/2 of that. If the exact same match was played the last day of the tournament 100% of K would be awarded. As the tournament moves toward it's conclusion K becomes closer to be worth it's full value - this is called the intensification period.
Point losses are relegated to clans or warriors only, who fall into the Power Range and bonuses are applied to clans or warriors who win against clans or warriors in the power win range. Point losses are lower as clans fall lower into the range and are not applied at all when clans or warriors fall out of that range.
The power win range is set in the 'League Options' menu.
ELO point system applies to both clans and warriors. During warrior point calculations the average rank of the total warriors involved is used for the point calculation.
Two other factors influence the ELO pts awarded. They are called O and W. O is the offset that devalues the points as same clans play themselves in the same day. So if clan A plays clan B 10 times in one day, each game is worth less. W is the variable that defines the intensification period, as the tournament gets closer to ending W grows closer to 1.
In the end ELO pts are calculated as such = K x E x W x O
K - K value (explained above)
E - .01 to 1 (based on if the underdog or favorite won and how close in rank they were)
W - starts at .5 on day one of a new tournament and grows to 1 on the last day of the tournament
O - offset starts at 1 when same clans play against each other for the first time on a day, second match it is .9, third match it is .8, etc... After 10 matches against similar clans it is .1 and stays at .1
*Note: K can be set in the control panel, and how many times clans may play each other in one day can be set in the control panel as well.
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