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Welcome to the Klanwars league.
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League Settings
League is: Open for new signups
Game platform: PC
League created: 12/2/2006
League Hits: 646,777
Active Clans: 80
Active Warriors: 518
IP violations are: OFF  
Max match size:   99 v 99    
Roster limit: 10
Max Invites: 99  
Accepted invites allowed per month: 99  
Clan Factions are: OFF
Warrior Factions are: OFF
League resets at: 50 matches played/month
More Settings
League point system: elo
AR penalty: 5% of points
Clan vs clan daily match limit: 100
Flood control: 1 minutes
Inactivity level: 200 days
Clan wins/override inactivity: 50 wins
Warrior wins/override inactivity: 20 wins
Clan power win range: 2
Warrior power win range: 10
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League Overview
Welcome to the Halo PC Tourney League. Please read all of the rules before you play!

- Admins

League Rules
Rule # 1 Admins:

Admins may not rule on things concerning or having to do with their clan. An outside Admin must rule on the given problem.

Harassment of an admin will not be tolerated and punishment will be dealt by the admin.
Rule # 2

Will not be tolerated. Any warrior employing the use of Distributed Denial of Service to a warrior or clan server can and will be banned.

Clans with a substantial amount of disputes will be investigated and if needed they can and will be disbanded.

Point Pushing:
Point pushing is when you report losses without actually playing the matches.If you are found to be doing this you will be banned for a month and all of the matches will be voided.

Spamming Clans TS/Vent During A Match:
Spamming of a clans Teamspeak or Ventrilo is a bannable offense as it directly relates to HPT. In order for a punishment to be given, substantial proof must be provided. Each incident will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Reporting a Loss to Wrong Warriors:
Will not be tolerated. If you report to the wrong warriors on purpose youwill be deducted 250pts. If you do this on more than one occasion you may face ban time.

Private convos are not to be distributed. If you distribute them onto the forum you may face a suspension.

Every player in a match must be present on their clan roster for games to be considered valid.
Rule # 3 Playing a Match:

Agreed Matches:
If after making an agreement a clan refuses to play, make a thread in the Agreed HPT Match Section. From the time that it is posted the opposing team has 24 hours to play. Both clans must give their best effort to get the match played. If one clan declines to play after the 24 hours has passed, it will be ARed against them. If both teams make a good effort to contact each other, the match may be voided or an extension may be granted. When posting attempted contacts, You MUST post attempts with the opposing player/clan responding to you refusing to play. If a player i sonline and is not responding, you must give them the URL to the forums and agreement. Admins can use their best judgment to decide to give the AR or to void the agreement. The full username on xfire must be showing for agreements to be valid.

Agreeing to Lo3:
A match can only be started if both clans agree to start the match. The hosting clan must ask the visiting clan "Lo3 for HPT?" and receive a confirmation of nothing else but "Agreed for Lo3." from the visiting clan. The roles in this instance are not limited and either clan may ask and or confirm.

Capping Ping Limit:
Warriors found with excessively high pings in a match may not cap. There are certain cases where you may warp ingame while your ping is stable. The same rule applies in this case. Caps and matches may be voided as a result.

Cussing, Racism, and Flaming:
HPT has zero tolerance for cussing, racism, and flaming. If you are caught doing any of the sort you will be banned for a week. This rule goes into effect as soon as you enter a server for an HPT match and untilyou leave.

Any warrior found to be using hacks of any sort will be banned. The ban length will be determined by the admins.

Home Dedicated Servers:
May not be used.

Leaving/Disconnecting in a Match:
Ifyou lag out or have a problem with Halo to where it causes you to leave the server you have a 2 minute grace period to get back in.

You CANNOT leave a server in order to avoid a loss. If you leave at the very end of a match to avoid losing in a team slayer, punishment will be dealt upon you based on the admins decisions.

Match Setup:
When setting up an HPT match on xfire you must include the clan tags, game size, number of matches, which server and the location, game choice, team color, and it must say that it is for an HPT match.

e.g.[AW] vs {123}, 2v2, 2 matches, one your server your map/game chioce ourcolor and one our server our map/gamechioce your color for HPT.

The match proposal must be confirmed with nothing but, "Agreed to HPT." Screenshots of the conversation in order to request 24 hrs to play must show the username of the x-fire to be valid.

Matches Per Day:
You can play as many matches as you want. However you can only play 20 matches against a single clan a day.

Match Videos Request:
Any clan who suspects that the opposing clan or a warrior from that clan was hacking should ask the opposing clan or individual warrior to upload their videos. A post must be made within 2 hours of the match ID being reported

Example: clan B beats clan A
If clan A request a vid then clan B has 2 hours from that post to re-request specific vids. If there is no re-request then it is up to clan A to decide whose vid they choose to upload. The same amount of match videos must be uploaded from both sides.

If the requesting clan (clan A) uploads their vid but the other clan (clan B) does not, then the match gets reversed.

If the requested clan (clan B) uploads their vids but the requesting clan (clan A) does not, then the match will be reversed in clan B's favor.

If neither clan gets their videos up in full, then the match stands and the warriors who failed to upload will receive point deductions.

If there is no Re-request then the point deduction goes to whomever is the boss or captain of the clan and in the match.

If no captain or boss played in the match, the the point deduction goes to whomever the admins sees fit.

1st Offense: -300pts & Dispute
2nd Offense: -500pts & Dispute
3rd Offense: Ban & Dispute
HAC (Halo AntiCheat) is now mandatory in this league along with recording. Please refer to: http://s9.zetaboards.com/HPT_Forums/topic/7079586/

Clans have 30 minutes after the completion of the match to report their loss. Failure to do so will result in a 20% point deduction. If a clan refuses to report please make a post in the "Non-Report" section. Please follow the guidelines stickied at the top of the forum and make sure to have the "Agreement" , "Live on 3 for HPT", and the "Post Carnage Report". The full username on xfire must be showing for the agreement to be valid.

Quick Connecting:
Quick connecting is when a player leaves the game to avoid the re-spawn. If video proofis handed over of a quick connect, that warrior will receive a 250pt deduction and the clan will automatically forfeit.

Recording & Screenshots on Mac:
Every player in the HPT match must record using any version of gamecam or full version offraps. If you can not record, you will need to put it in the agreement.It needs to state the warrior that can not record.  All clans will have 2 hours after a match has been reported to ask for the match videos. After the thread asking for the match videos has been made clans will have 24 hours to upload their videos. All warriors will have to hold onto there videos for 24 hours in case an admin may need to see them. Videos must be made available to admins when asked for them. Minimum gamecam settings for recording a hpt match: 320x240 frames 20 fps quality or save your HPT match minimum 320x240 frames 20 fps quality. This should provide a vid of good enough quality for admins to view and rule on. In general you must be able to view the text in game so that clan tags and players names are recognisable. MAC USERS: From now on, MAC users must provide: SS of lo3(Must be of LO3 and Agreed to LO3);SS of alt code, sinceMAC alt codes are different, no fake MAC SS; If you leave, you must SS you REJOINING the server and You must provide an SS of the last 5seconds of the match. OUT OF GAME, we want an SS of your desktop with system specs. Any clan can ask for up to 10 SS while in game, at anytime.

Any clan found to be using ringers, warriors playing under a false name, in a match will receive a 500 point deduction and a dispute. The warriors found to have orchestrated the ringing will be banned for a month. Ifyou are a banned warrior and you are caught ringing you will be banned for an extra month.

In order to post on the forums for an AR, 24hr, or Match Videos you must submit a screenshot of the following; the X-fire agreement (including the username), the Live on 3, and the Post Carnage Report.

Server Host:
Ifyou are hosting the match at your server you must password and maxplayer so that no one may join and interrupt the match. If someone who is not in the match joins while the match is underway the hosting clan forfeits the match.

Only pistol skins are allowed.

You can not substitute in a 1v1 match. In any match, larger than a 1v1, a player must leave only one warrior from the same clan can come in and play the rest of the match. The player who dropped may not reenter. The player who started the match is the winner/loser.
Rule # 4

Banned or Suspended:
If you are Banned or Suspended you must sit out the duration of the punishment without incident. If you sign-up with another warrior or sneak back into the league you will be punished further or face expulsion. Appeal in the Appeals section of the forums and the admins will decide whether to unban you or not.

Your warrior name must not contain any racism, cussing, and can not flame another warrior. Such names will not be tolerated. In some cases your warrior might be removed from the league if an Admin sees fit.

Leaving a Clan w/ Standing Agreements:
If you agree to HPT matches and leave the clan before the matches have been played the agreement is void.

Playoff Eligibility:
You must be in a clan 3 days prior to the end of the month in order to play in the playoffs with that clan. It is also possible to obtain a playoff agreement that states otherwise

Warrior Accounts:
You may only have 1 account/nickname in the Halo PC Tourney League. If you are found to have multiple accounts you will face a suspension and be banned.
Rule # 5 No wall hopping or glitching advantages. This includes glitching vehicles to prevent respawning. Manually refreshing them is still allowed.

League FAQ
Question: How do I invite people to join my clan and how do I know if they have accepted or declined?

Answer: Only clan bosses can invite other league members to join a clan. In the "CLAN ROSTER" Menu option in "Clan Headquarters" you will find the option to invite people to join your ranks. An invite will ultimately either be accepted, declined or ignored. The invited player will receive a message in his inbox that he/she has been invited to join your clan. If the invitation is accepted or declined a notice is posted on your clan event calendar and the boss who posted the invitation will receive a private message in his/her inbox telling him the invitation was accepted or declined along with a reason - if the invitee responds with one. If the invitation is ignored it will stay posted in "clan roster" with a length of time in days that it has been ignored. You can choose to withdrawal the invitation at any time or leave it offered as long as your choose.
Question: Does my account or clan ever get removed?

Answer: After 200 days of inactivity your account or your clan will get removed. Check support for current league settings (days inactivity until deletion, roster size limits, max invites permitted, max games per day vs a clan, etc...). If the clan you are in gets removed but your account satisfies inactivity levels your account will stay intact and your clan status will move to "Independent". If you or your clan have won a championship then you will never be removed. Sometimes other criteria will assume you or your clan immortality, typically a certain amount of wins or game played, check with the league admin for that info.
Question: Are tags that constant alt codes (ASCII) permitted in my clan name and or tag?

Answer: No, certain non friendly HTML symbols are not permitted to be entered in certain displayed areas.
Question: How to I get an answer to a question that is not listed here?

Answer: If it is a league specific question, please up to the top of this page and email the league admin. His or her email link will appear at the top. Or go to the league forums at www.hptforum.com and post there for problems/questions.

If this is a global issue, meaning you have a question regarding the clanwars gaming network in general please visit the global support page which you will find linked from the main portal page.
Question: How do I report a loss?

Answer: In order to report a loss, you must first log in to your name. Once you are logged in, Click "(whatever your name is) portal"
Example ONLY:   " example's portal "

Once you go to your portal you will notice a new page has came up. over to the upper left hand side, you will see "Report a loss" click it.

Once you have clicked it you will notice another page has came up. there will be two boxes showing the clans roster. The box on the left is your clan and your clans roster. The box on the right is where you find the clan you just lost to. On the upper part of the right box you will see " select opponent" beside that you choose what klan you lost to.
Example ON LY:    clan tag:    ~~'

Once you have done this you will notice the site refreshed. Then you will see the clans roster check the warriors who woned. Then on the left box click the warriors who was in your clan who lost.

Once you have clicked all the warriors who was in the match under the left box you will see >>> continue

Once you clicked >>> continue you will see where it asks you what map you played, gametype, and comments. These are optional information if you choose to put them down. Once you have filled these out click >>> Submit report and then you have just reported a loss
Question: What if someone doesn't report a loss?

Go to the forums located at www.hptforum.com  and register. Then to the Non-Report Section and file it from there.

Point System Explanation
ELO pt. system (modified)
The ELO pt. system that is used here, is based on the original ELO pt. system (Link here) but is somewhat modified in how point losses are handled and it is scaled in other ways as well, explained below.
In this system points for a victory are limited to a set value (called the K - value). For example K might be 100 for a 1v1 match or 150 for a 2v2 match, etc... That number is set in the control panel ('League Settings -> League Options') and scales accordingly based on match size, by 33% for each significant jump in a match size.
100% of the K value is only awarded for matches where the opponents are very far away in rank and the underdog wins. For example, if there are 100 clans in the league and #1 plays #100, the full K value will be awarded if the #100 ranked clan wins. If #1 wins only a very small percentage of K is available. If clans are very close in rank, for instance #1 plays #2, roughly 50% of K is avaliable. As ranks separate and the expected, higher ranked clan wins, the K value shrinks further away from it stated value, and conversely as the underdog or lower ranked clan wins K grows close to it's full value. The variable that describes this is referred to as E. When clan #100 beats #1, E might be .99 and vice versa E might be .01
This system is in place for both warriors and clans. K never reaches 100% until the tournament draws to a close. It starts out automatically devalued at the beginning of each tournament and grows closer to 100% as the tournament continues. To re-iterate with an example, K might be set to 100 pts in the control panel. And 100% of K may be awarded when a very low ranked clan beats a high ranked clan, but even while K = 100 in this instance, at the beginning of each tournament it is devalued automatically back to 1/2 of that. If the exact same match was played the last day of the tournament 100% of K would be awarded. As the tournament moves toward it's conclusion K becomes closer to be worth it's full value - this is called the intensification period.
Point losses are relegated to clans or warriors only, who fall into the Power Range and bonuses are applied to clans or warriors who win against clans or warriors in the power win range. Point losses are lower as clans fall lower into the range and are not applied at all when clans or warriors fall out of that range.
The power win range is set in the 'League Options' menu.
ELO point system applies to both clans and warriors. During warrior point calculations the average rank of the total warriors involved is used for the point calculation.
Two other factors influence the ELO pts awarded. They are called O and W. O is the offset that devalues the points as same clans play themselves in the same day. So if clan A plays clan B 10 times in one day, each game is worth less. W is the variable that defines the intensification period, as the tournament gets closer to ending W grows closer to 1.
In the end ELO pts are calculated as such = K x E x W x O
K - K value (explained above)
E - .01 to 1 (based on if the underdog or favorite won and how close in rank they were)
W - starts at .5 on day one of a new tournament and grows to 1 on the last day of the tournament
O - offset starts at 1 when same clans play against each other for the first time on a day, second match it is .9, third match it is .8, etc... After 10 matches against similar clans it is .1 and stays at .1
*Note: K can be set in the control panel, and how many times clans may play each other in one day can be set in the control panel as well.
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